About Us

  • Universal Welding Steel Designs CC is the trading name of the business enterprise registered as a close corporation with the Registrar of Companies in South in 2009.
  • The business was established as a brainchild of one David Mathebula who is the sole member with 100% shareholding.
  • Mr Mathebula acquired a passion and interest in the welding and steel works while employed as a skilled boiler-maker at De Beers in Johannesburg between 1998 and 2009. He left his employment due to retrenchment, and henceforth has grasped the opportunity and challenge to start his own business concern.


  • To become an independent, highly professional, respectable and successful business providing the best and quality service in the steel industry.
  • To be sustainable as a business through the realisation of profits.
  • To contribute towards the economy of South Africa and betterment of life through job creation and poverty alleviation.


  • To spearhead all and available projects within its scope which include all areas within the mining and energy industry.
  • To outsource expert skills when necessary to ensure speedy delivery of tasks.
  • To provide skills training and create jobs to eradicate poverty.
  • To adhere to the principle of quality of quality assurance and client satisfaction.


  • Service excellence
  • Quality
  • Courtesy
  • Efficiency
  • Respect
  • Dignity


To support all government policies of Black Empowerment, poverty alleviation, job creation and skills development, and as such endeavour to abide, align and commit towards achievement of such goals.